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Get a better picture of your pet's health at Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic.

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Get the right food for your cat or dog's breed and health conditions.

X-ray Cat check-up Dog check up

Comprehensive radiology

Ear screening

Dermatology testing

With on-site radiology we can get a quick picture of your pet's structural health, and identify any joint and bone problems he or she may be experiencing, for a faster treatment.

Your cat's or dog's ears are prone to infections and complications. Trust our diagnostic technicians to find the root cause of your pet's ear discomfort quickly, so treatment can begin now.

Our technicians can quickly identify and treat the many skin conditions that might affect your cat or dog. From fleas and mites to infections, we have the laboratory testing to treat it quickly.

Blood screening

Fecal matter testing

Referral diagnostics

We employ the diagnostic equipment needed to detect cancers, nutritional imbalances and other conditions with a quick and comprehensive blood test for your cat or dog.

Identifying and treating intestinal or parasitic conditions that your cat or dog is suffering may require a stool sample for testing. If required, we'll coordinate with you to acquire a sample.

If your cat or dog requires specialized diagnostic testing to identify and treat a unique or uncommon condition, we'll work with top laboratories to ensure your pet receives the testing they need.

Blood screening Comprehensive radiology
Referral diagnostics Dog

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