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Eating healthy is your pet's best option to living a long, healthy life.

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Get the right food for your cat or dog's breed and health conditions.

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Sure, all pet food might look alike, but is it the right choice for your pet? Healthy eating will add years onto your pet's life. Let us help you develop a healthy food diet.

Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic provides a full selection of breed-specific foods that are tailored to your pet's nutritional needs. Your pet will get to enjoy natural ingredients and varied food groups

With our experienced veterinarian,

Dr. Whitlock, performing your pet's surgery, he or she is in caring, calculated hands that garner over

a decade of treatment experience.

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Beating illness

A plump belly might be cute, but it is also a sign of your pet's poor eating habits. Get your pet moving again with a diet program created by our expert veterinary nutritionist.

Starting your puppy or kitten off with a healthy diet now will let him or her live longer, be happier and enjoy fewer visits to the vet! Stop by today to get the right food choice for your new pet.

Dysplasia, joint problems, obesity, skin and coat disorders, and even allergies can be overcome with a healthy diet for your pet. Let us find the food that'll help your pet recover from illness.

Beating illness Experienced staff healthy food, healthy pet Lazy cat or dog?

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