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Arthritic laser treatment

Over-the-county meds

Pain management

Arthritis is an unfortunate fact for many aging pets. With our therapeutic laser treatment we can alleviate your pet's joint pain and improve his or her quality of life and mobility.

Get convenient health and wellness shopping done for your cat's or dog's flea, tick, or mite infestation, and his or her other OTC medications at Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic!

By developing a behavioral training program and coupling it with specialized dieting, we can help alleviate chronic pain and suffering

for your cat or dog's conditions.

Microchip identification

Collars and leashes

Specialist referrals

Losing your furry loved one is a disaster no one wants to endure. Protect your pet from getting lost with a convenient microchip implant done easily in our clinic.

Keeping your pet healthy requires physical activity and outside play. Find quality leashes and collars and great prices at our clinic so you can get your pet moving and playing outside!

Some conditions or health concerns that your pet experiences may require specialized care. We work with a network of leaving providers to get your cat or dog the care they need.

Pain management Arthritic laser treatment Specialist referrals Microchip identification

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