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Vaccinating is responsible, safe, and will protect your pet's health.

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Vaccinating now protects your pet against future illness

Vaccine Vaccine Cat and Dog

"Are vaccines safe?"

"Which ones are right?"

Vaccinating your dog or cat is practically mandatory if you want

him or her to enjoy a long, healthy life without fear of disease. Vaccinating is simply responsible.

Yes. Like human vaccines, your pet's vaccines have been clinically tested and approved for use in animals. They will protect your pet from infectious disease and complicating health problems.

Dr. Whitlock will determine what vaccines your cat or dog should receive based on his or her health, age, breed and lifestyle, among other factors. These are called "core" vaccines.

Additional protection

Vaccination effects

Have a new pet?

Certain illness that your pet may be exposed to based on location or line of work can be prevented with supplementary vaccines. An example might include vaccinating against "Kennel Cough", if traveling.

Your cat or dog may show slight signs of illness, irritability, or tiredness after being vaccinated. This is normal, but any symptoms can be discussed with our staff by contacting our office.

For all cats and dogs, certain vaccines are necessary to protect him or her against illness. If you're welcoming a new pet to the family, schedule a vaccine consultation today at Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic

Have a new pet? Additional protection 

Stop illness before it starts

Protect your cat or dog. Vaccinate.