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Diagnosing your pet's breed-specific conditions now will allow them to live longer.

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Small and large breeds

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Your dog or cat's breed is likely vulnerable to a number of breed-specific conditions. We take a proactive approach to treatment,

for a healthier, longer life.

No matter the size of your pet's breed, our staff is trained to ensure his or her well-being with confidence. We always check your pet's physical condition to ensure healthy function and form.

Cats and dogs experience emotion just like you and us. With a mental wellness check-up, we can determine if your pet is suffering from any mental health problems, then treat the root cause.

Von Willebrand's Disease

Renal dysplasia

Hip dysplasia

Like haemophilia in humans, your cat or dog may suffer from this condition, preventing blood from clotting. It's important that this is known before any surgery or incisions are made.

Acquired before birth, this condition can cause poor kidney development. With proper dieting and monitoring, your pet can live a long and fruitful life with no further complications.

A common canine condition, hip dysplasia can result in joint wear, dislocated hips, and poor lifestyle wellness. Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic specializes in treating this disorder.

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Take a proactive approach to pet health