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Thorough pet wellness

An experienced veterinarian

In-house labs and testing

From vaccinations to preventative checks to breed-specific screening, your canine or feline's health is our #1 priority at Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic. Appointments are available six days a week!

Dr. Marlene Whitlock and her staff garner combined decades of experience caring for cats and dogs large and small, just like yours! We treat every pet like family, here at Guadalupe.

Get better results faster with our in-house

and expert screening technicians! Your pet's wellness is best determined by our staff,

and you'll get the results you need for a

quicker treatment.

Schedule with Dr. Marlene Whitlock

Bring your canine or feline to one of Tucson's most experienced veterinarians today.

Quality surgery

Nutritional guidance


With our state-of-the-art equipment in our surgical suite and 24-hour monitoring, your cat or dog's injury is best treated at Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic.

A pet that eats healthy will live longer and love you more. Work with Dr. Whitlock and we'll develop a custom nutrition plan for your cat or dog.

Stop by our clinic for core and supplementary vaccines that are necessary to protect your cat or dog from infections disease.

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Quality surgery